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    10 Best Money Making Bitcoin Business Ideas

    While everyone out there wants a share of the Bitcoin pie, why not research on ways to make more money with Bitcoins? Here are some of the best-known methods for making money through Bitcoins; some of these deliver faster results than the others but you should research on these properly before making a decision.

    1. Bitcoin lending: Crypto lending can be an excellent way to earn more money. This can be especially rewarding when you follow a HODLing strategy where you hold onto your Bitcoins for the long term in the hope that the prices will go up eventually. You simply have to join a BTC lending website and register yourself as a lender. You can then lend your Bitcoins to someone looking to buy these instantly in exchange for an interest rate.
    2. Accept Bitcoin payments: Another easy way to make money with Bitcoins is to start accepting BTC as payments. So, you simply think of any skill that you excel in, like content writing, digital marketing, or web-designing, and then monetize these. You can start offering your services in exchange for Bitcoin payments at online marketplaces.
    3. Investing: You can make money with Bitcoins when you consider investing funds into startups and blockchain-driven companies. The latter is now a popular choice as a lucrative business idea and companies like Brave’s Basic Attention Token are enjoying success. You must however engage in some background research before investing; if you can make the right choice, there is no limit to how much you can profit.
    4. Trading: If you are in the business of buying and selling Bitcoins through trading platforms, you can obviously make money. Now you have automated trading apps that help in accelerating the process of trading and make more profit; check for further details. But trading demands expertise, dedication and hard work, patience and research. For instance, as a trader, you must do technical and fundamental analysis, study trade charts and graphs to make successful trades.
    5. Learning about cryptos: A good way to earn profits is to learn about cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin and share your inputs, knowledge, and expertise to get paid in return. For instance Coinbase Earn allows you to learn about a crypto asset and earn in the process. You can watch videos on Coinbase that are informative and precise, and then start trading a cryptocurrency.
    6. Affiliate programs: It is also possible to make money when you enroll for affiliate programs. These are websites that will pay you when you refer them to your clients. Bitcoin affiliate programs will make BTC payments and when you have a blog or a YouTube channel, you can simply sign up for such a program.
    7. Gambling: Did you ever think you could make more money through Bitcoin gambling? Today Bitcoin casinos are more popular than ever and you can take advantage of these; but be sure to learn about the regulations in advance.
    8. Mining: Bitcoin mining may be an energy-intensive process of making money but one that can guarantee you high returns. Miners validate transactions and ensure that the network stays secure so that transactions happen seamlessly. In exchange they get paid in Bitcoins or block rewards. For mining however, you will require to invest in a specialized mining rig. You can also use bitcoin trader to make your process easier.
    9. Bitcoin faucets: There are certain websites that will make you perform micro tasks in return for Bitcoin payments. Such tasks could be watching YouTube videos, testing plugins, or re-tweeting posts.
    10. Signature Campaign: You can get paid by sponsors when you post on their behalf in forums; but you must post regularly to keep earning income.
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