New Economic Rights for All (New ERA)

Who We Are

New ERA (Economic Rights for All) is a youth led organizing campaign seeking to address issues regarding economic rights, financial education, and accessibility to mainstream financial products.

Why We Care

As youth leaders in our community we are interested in organizing around economic rights because we have seen how the lack of accessibility to mainstream financial products and education about personal finance affects our families, friends and neighbors. More than half of the residents in our community are un-banked and use fringe outlets like check cashers. Youth adopt the financial practices of their parents, meaning that many youth stand to lose $40,000 over their working years if they use check cashers. In the Mission alone, residents pay $16.5 million a year in payday loan fees. Related credit issues create housing and employment barriers and cost individuals more than $300,000 over their lifetime in extra interest costs.

Support Our Campaign!

Support New ERA’s campaign to make San Francisco the first city in the US where all youth that earn money get accounts, direct deposit and financial education to get started with saving and smart money management!  This is important to us because without the campaign many youth will continue to use fringe outlets, lose their hard-earned money, create lifelong habits, and taxpayer dollars will be going to the check cashers and payday lenders. New ERA seeks to work with DCYF, other youth funders, youth organizations and other youth in our community to make sure we succeed. Support a New ERA of financial access for low-income youth! SIGN NOW!


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