Make Your Path (MY Path™)

The MY Path™ program, first piloted in 2009, is an incentivized youth savings program that familiarizes participants with basic banking skills and valuable financial concepts such as budgeting, saving and tracking expenses.  The MY Path program has 5 key components:

Engagement with financial mainstream – in order get youth participants away from check cashers, all participants are given credit union accounts at Community Trust, and are trained in how to use them.

Power of peers – the MY Path financial education curriculum is designed and delivered by youth. We believe that youth can best support each other in meeting their savings goals and building healthy money management habits.

​Goal-setting – all participants in the MY Path program are supported in setting short and medium term financial goals, which are linked to their personal goals. In our experience we have seen that youth, setting and meeting their financial and personal goals is a transformative experience.

Rewarding Behavior Change – all MY Path participants receive monetary bonuses as a reward for engaging gin positive money management habits such as budgeting and tracking their expenses, in addition to when they meet their savings goals. This year, participants can earn up to $160 in bonuses.

​Make saving easy and automatic – all MY Path participants are automatically enrolled in credit union accounts and direct deposit, so their ‘default’ is to save a certain percentage of their stipends/wages.

To read more about the MY Path Program's demonstrated results and future promise, please see the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's recent paper, "Increasing Financial Capability among Economically Vulnerable Youth: MY Path."

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