Our Mission and Vision

Mission SF’s aim is to promote financial security and catalyze economic mobility for children, youth, and families by:

Our vision for California’s families is simple: that all families have access to quality financial services and products to achieve not just economic self-sufficiency but economic mobility. Basic banking services, saving incentives, microloans to (re)build credit and one-on-one financial counseling are the first rungs on the economic opportunity ladder. They are essential points of entry, leading to the most fundamental—small business loans, college loans and mortgages. Many of California’s low-income families and families of color live in places where the financial services landscape is dominated by payday lenders, check cashers, rent-to-own stores and pawn shops.

This financial services landscape must change if we want to see California’s families move from living paycheck-to-paycheck toward living their dreams of owning a small business, sending their children to college and owning a home. During these challenging economic times, families need access to quality financial services more than ever. At Mission SF our vision is that all families have access to these first rungs of the economic opportunity ladder. We have witnessed what families can do when they are within reach—they achieve the economic mobility that we want for all Californians.